Seasonal Selections Available on Tap Or in Growlers Only.


5.9% ABV

Heroic. Dry. Real blueberry for bluer skies ahead


5.9% ABV

A splash of pineapple gently toweled off with a hint of basil and pepper


5.9% ABV

Beaming with ancient trade route spices.

Smile. We’re now shipping our hard ciders.


We’re reaching higher on the apple tree.

And it’s working.

Part of the secret is fresh cider pressed right here at the mill on our vintage rack-and-cloth press. We back-sweeten with our cider syrup - we’re one of only two places in the whole country that still make it. We pull fresh cider off our boiler at a lower temperature (before it turns to cider jelly) to use as our sweetener. No sugar. We don’t like that word around here.

Our offerings now include seasonals, dry hopped-based, fruit-enhanced, as well as traditional hard ciders. Whether semi-sweet with hints of oak and pineapple or drier with an essence of bittersweet apples with added tannins, what they have in common is that they’re real Vermont Hard Ciders from a working Vermont cider mill. Does it make a difference? All it takes is one taste and you’ll see why we installed the dance floor!

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