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5 Unexpected Ways to Eat Maple Syrup That's Not on Pancakes

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5 Unexpected Ways to Eat Maple Syrup That's Not on Pancakes

5 Unexpected Ways to Eat Maple Syrup That's Not on Pancakes

The transition from winter to spring is a beautiful time of year that brings one of our favorite ingredients: maple syrup. 

Vermont sugaring season is a big deal. Our mighty state produces  about half of the maple syrup in the country every year.

Vermonters grow up with maple syrup as a pantry essential. There’s always a big jug of sweet stuff around to enjoy. 

When maple syrup is abundant, you learn to get creative in how you use it. And we’re here to tell you that maple syrup is perfect for any meal of the day...not just breakfast. 

Now that sugaring season is coming to a close, there’s a new crop of fresh Vermont maple syrup to enjoy. 

But there are only so many pancakes one person can eat. 

Instead, try enjoying maple syrup throughout your day with these ideas for lunch and dinner. 

Not a drop of this year’s harvest will go to waste once you start cooking these recipes with maple syrup.

Nothing against pancakes…we just think you’ll love these maple syrup recipes a lot too.

Maple Syrup Recipe #1: Marinade It

Lighting up the grill? Make sure you have some Vermont maple syrup on hand to marinate your meat. 

Soaking meat in a marinade adds a boost of flavor and texture; maple syrup makes it that much better. 

We recommend using chicken and pork chops for maple syrup marinades, but anything would be delicious as long as maple syrup is involved. 

Here are our three favorite marinade inspirations: 

Maple + Dijon Mustard Marinade: This sweet and tangy marinade is simple to make but hard to stop eating. Add garlic, lemon juice, soy sauce, and fresh herbs like rosemary for ultimate flavor with only a few kitchen staples. 

Maple Teriyaki Marinade: The sweetness of maple syrup pairs well with salty soy sauce or tamari. Mix with fresh ginger, garlic, and pineapple juice for classic teriyaki flavors. Maple syrup creates a more rich, caramel flavor than brown sugar in other recipes. 

Maple Bourbon Marinade: This marinade also uses fresh herbs, garlic, and soy sauce but adds bourbon for an extra punch. Depending on the type of bourbon you use, you’ll add notes of spice, oak, or vanilla to the marinade. 

Don’t have time to marinate your meat? 

Maple syrup also works well as a glaze. 

Top your salmon with a  maple, soy, and citrus glaze before it goes in the oven for a delicious piece of fish. 

Bacon lovers can brush maple syrup and brown sugar on strips of bacon before putting them in the oven. Sweet maple syrup with salty, fatty bacon is pure perfection. And the result is some amazing  candied bacon that will make any day better.

Maple Syrup Recipe #2: Blend It

Next time you make an  afternoon smoothie, skip the sweetened nut milk or yogurt and add maple syrup instead!

Vermont maple syrup is so irresistible because it’s naturally sweet. It’s the perfect alternative sweetener for any beverage. 

And when Vermont maple syrup blends into a smoothie, its fresh, natural sugars enhance the rest of your ingredients. 

Berry smoothie? Add maple syrup. 

Banana smoothie? Better with maple syrup. 

Even a peanut butter or avocado smoothie is that much tastier by adding a few drops of maple syrup to your blender. 

On a more indulgent note…

Do you know what else is delicious and comes from a blender? Milkshakes. 

Every good milkshake starts with ice cream and whole milk. Add maple syrup and this treat will get that much better.

Take your  maple milkshake to the next level by adding apple cider and cinnamon. Or blend chocolate ice cream with peanut butter. Either way, maple syrup will be the real superstar. 

Maple Syrup Recipe #3: Sauce & Spread It

There are lots of sauces and spread with Vermont maple syrup, whether you make your own or want the convenience of buying something fresh. Each one will add valuable flavor to any dish.

Tossing a salad? Make a  creamy maple dressing with mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and mustard.  

Or try a  maple vinaigrette made with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and Dijon mustard. Our own  Cold Hollow Maple Vinaigrette infuses fresh Vermont maple syrup with non-GMO olive oil for a light but flavorful dressing. 

Maple syrup-based dressings are perfect in fall salads with hearty greens (and cheddar cheese, of course). 

Ok, now it’s lunchtime and you’re preparing to make the same old sandwich. Let’s mix it up, shall we?

Sandwich spreads are an easy way to make each bite more juicy and flavorful.

A  spicy maple mayonnaise adds a kick to any BLT - just mix in chipotle pepper! 

And  maple mustard will make your next ham sandwich unforgettable. The  Cold Hollow Maple Mustard  is one of our best-sellers for a good reason (hint: it’s delicious).

But our favorite condiment recipe is  maple barbeque sauce. 

We love Vermont maple syrup in barbeque sauce because it adds another subtle touch of sweetness. You won’t be able to resist licking your fingers at the end of the meal.

Maple barbeque sauce isn’t just for carnivores. Add maple barbeque sauce to tofu, tempeh, or baked beans for the same sweet, protein-packed flavor.

You can make maple barbeque sauce at home. But if you want a convenient, freshly made sauce, try ours! The  Cold Hollow Maple BBQ sauce comes with a kick of heat that we love.

Maple Syrup Recipe #4: Roast It

Roasting root vegetables with Vermont maple syrup is one of the best ways to enjoy the fall and winter harvest.

The earthy flavors from Brussel sprouts, parsnips, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, and butternut squash all pair perfectly with maple syrup. 

Heat your oven to 435 degrees Fahrenheit and mix your choice of vegetables with olive oil and maple syrup. For the best roasting, make sure your vegetables are in a single layer on the pan. 

As everything roasts, the natural sugars in Vermont maple syrup will start to caramelize in the oven. Your end product will be a pan of tender, sticky, and subtly sweet vegetables. 

If you plan to enjoy your roasted vegetables on the side, garnish them with fresh herbs like sage, thyme, or rosemary. 

While we guarantee your  maple-roasted vegetables will be delicious enough to eat on their own, there’s also plenty of other ways to enjoy them. 

Sweet roasted vegetables are great in a salad with maple vinaigrette. You can also mix maple roasted vegetables with quinoa or other grains for a fiber-rich meal. 

No matter how you eat them, it’ll always be the perfect taste of fall. 

Maple Syrup Recipe #5: Sip It

The adults out there will love this one. 

Vermont maple syrup makes a great addition to any cocktail!

Forget simple syrups. Vermont maple syrup is nature’s most simple sweetener. 

Sorry, bartenders. 

Bourbon and whisky are perfect pairings with sugary maple syrup. We love how the alcohol’s earthy tone complements the maple flavor.

Go ahead - pour yourself a glass and add a few drops of Vermont maple syrup. You’ll be convinced it belongs on your bar cart. 

If you’re feeling festive during the holiday season, add maple syrup and cinnamon to a  Whisky Sour or mix up a  Maple Cranberry Bourbon cocktail. 

Rum also pairs well with Vermont maple syrup. Add a few drops to a classic Old Fashioned to mix things up. 

There’s plenty of ways to sip on syrup next time you enjoy an evening beverage.


Where to Buy Vermont Maple Syrup

Are all these recipes with maple syrup making you hungry? 

Us too. 

Thankfully Vermont sugaring season has gifted us with a whole new crop of maple syrup to stock in the kitchen. 

We’re proud that Cold Hollow’s maple syrup comes fresh from our neighboring Vermont farms. There’s just no other way. 

You can view our entire  collection of Vermont maple syrup sure to please even the biggest sweet tooth. 

And if you can’t decide, try a little bit of everything maple

There’s plenty of delicious ways for you to enjoy...so stock up!

Still Hungry? Check out some of our other articles!

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