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10 Naturally Sweet Treats Almost As Good As Candy

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10 Naturally Sweet Treats Almost As Good As Candy

Hey, sweet tooths!

We know you may enjoy a decadent dessert or favorite candy bar when your sugar craving arrives. But it's nature who makes some of the best sweet treats out there.

Three of the most delicious, naturally sweet ingredients are right here in Vermont. Maple syrup, honey, and apples are our absolute favorite ingredients here at the cider mill. They’re fantastic for many reasons, one of which is their natural sweetness. 

We’ve built our entire business around the wonders of maple syrup, honey, and apples. We call them the “holy trinity of flavors” because they’re essential for making something delicious. And they’re also beautiful all on their own.

These three superstar ingredients bring different types of sweetness to the table...and all come straight from nature. Sap flows from Vermont’s beloved maple trees as winter thaws, giving us the beginnings of maple syrup. Our local bees make sweet honey during a hard day’s work in the hive. And Champlain Valley orchards bear many varieties of apples in a range of sweet and tart. 

The best way to celebrate the unique flavors of maple syrup, honey, and apples is by showcasing their amazing flavors. We do this through a variety of baked goods and pantry items offered at our Vermont cider mill. We have plenty of products made with Vermont maple syrup, honey, and apples, no matter what you’re craving. 

We also find it difficult to resist a sugary treat. When a sugar craving hits, here are some of our favorite sweet options to enjoy in Vermont. Trust us, they’re as good as candy.

Vermont Maple Butter

Maple butter is a sweet, smooth, spreadable delight. We call it “butter” because it has a smooth, buttery texture (kind of like peanut butter, but made entirely from maple syrup). 

We make maple butter by whipping crystallized Vermont maple syrup  until it has a silky smooth texture. There’s no dairy in our maple butter! You may also know of Vermont maple butter as maple cream. 

Like peanut butter, Vermont maple butter is good on just about anything. Toast, McIntosh apples, and hot cider donuts all pair well with a dollop of maple butter. With the spread of a knife, you can take the best flavors of fresh maple syrup and add it to any snack. It’s also great as a frosting on baked goods like cinnamon rolls and cornbread.

But the most tempting way to enjoy maple butter is as a big spoonful out of the jar. We understand if you can’t resist.

Creamed Honey

Fresh honey is irresistibly sweet...and also quite messy. 

Creamed honey doesn’t drip and make a mess like liquid honey. It’s made by combining the finer crystals from crystallized honey with liquid honey and whipping them together. The result is another sweet spread that’s smooth as butter when at room temperature. 

Stir creamed honey into your tea, smear it on warm waffles, or melt it into your morning oatmeal. However you use it, this natural sweetness from the beehive is a burst of enticing, candy-like flavor.

(By the way, we only produce a limited supply of creamed honey each year, so if you’re tempted, make sure to place an order early while our supplies last.)

Maple Sugar Granules

At its core, maple syrup is liquid sugar. 

So what happens when you boil Vermont maple syrup until the liquid evaporates and it crystallizes? You end up with maple sugar granules.

Maple sugar granules are made from 100% maple syrup. They’re an out-of-this-world alternative to typical cane sugar or more unnatural sugar alternatives you find in the grocery store. Maple sugar granules are perfect for baking, using as a sweetener in a beverage, or even as a meat rub for your next barbeque.

Apple Cider Donuts 

The most iconic taste of Cold Hollow Cider Mill is a bite of our  apple cider donuts. We make them fresh every day and have been told they are legendary. If there’s any sweet treat to try, this is it. 

Our donuts are always best if you can stop by our Vermont cider mill and try a fresh one from our old-fashioned donut machine. We can’t reveal all our secrets to the donut’s apple cinnamon flavor... but you can bet that local Champlain Valley apples play a vital role in their sweet but not too sweet nature.

We’re committed to making sure your apple cider donuts arrive as fresh as possible when you order them from our website. When they arrive at your door, warm them in a low oven for five minutes or so and it’ll be like you’re eating one with us here at the mill.

And if you want to save some donuts for later, put them in the freezer and warm them up when the apple cider donut craving hits!

Maple Nut Crumble

Snackable and irresistible are the best ways to describe our  maple nut crumble.

Our bakery makes  three different flavors of maple nut crumble made with almonds, pecans, and walnuts. Nuts are a great snack on their own, but when you mix them with pure Vermont maple syrup they become an outstanding sugary treat. 

We make our maple nut crumble right here at the mill. As the nuts cook in our kettle,  Vermont maple syrup coats them in a sweet gooey texture. We can’t resist the desire to munch on these salty-sweet delights.The one downside is maple nut crumble makes it hard to eat plain nuts ever again. 

Cider Thumbprint Cookies

This classic cookie traditionally comes with a sweet jam-like filling. Here at the mill, we use our famous Cider Jelly to fill the thumbprint before baking. And now it’s a favorite in our bakeshop. 

Vermont cider jelly is a timeless treat here in the Green Mountain State. It's made by boiling our fresh Vermont apple cider and cooling it until the natural pectins turn the cider into a jelly-like consistency. Cider Jelly gives a zing of apple flavor when paired with this traditional sugary cookie, making a sweetly delicious dessert that’s good all year round.

We make every  cider jelly thumbprint cookie from scratch at the bakery in our Cider Mill, right next door to where the cider jelly is made. There are plenty of treats to go around here. 

Homemade Fudge

Our  mill-made” fudge is another popular treat you can enjoy when visiting the Cider Mill. We create all seven flavors from pure butter and milk, making every bite rich and creamy. 

Sure, we have the traditional chocolate fudge everyone knows and loves. But there are plenty of other enticing choices too. We make two fudge flavors with pure Vermont maple syrup. Our maple and maple walnut flavored fudge use the natural sugars of fresh Vermont maple syrup in this sweet confection.

Then there’s our apple cider and cider caramel-flavored fudge, which showcase the natural sweetness of the apple tree. We never run out of ways to have fun with the flavors of Vermont.

Fresh Apple Pie

Want to know the secret to our  homemade apple pie

First of all, a mix of high-quality apples is essential for any apple dessert. We source fresh McIntosh apples from Vermont and New York so that they arrive at the bakery at peak flavor. 

Then, after we fill our apple pie with fresh apples, we add a special ingredient: cider jelly. 

A dollop of cider jelly does wonders in the filling of an apple pie. Its natural apple pectins help bring out the subtle sugary goodness of the fresh fruit as the pie bakes. A good apple pie is a perfect balance between tart and sweet, and our Vermont cider jelly helps achieve this. 

Every slice of fresh apple pie should also come with a side of vanilla ice cream, or any of the other treats already mentioned (see: maple butter). 

Maple Caramel

No matter how you pronounce it, caramel is undisputedly one of those classic flavors of fall. A jar of sweet, sticky caramel always calls for a few slices of McIntosh apples for dipping. 

We partnered with our friends at Fat Toad Farm to make a unique caramel with the taste of our Vermont maple syrup. It’s handcrafted and made with a blend of goat’s milk caramel and fresh  maple syrup from right here in Vermont. There’s nothing else quite like it!

Substitute the  Fat Toad Maple Caramel for a memorable twist that elevates your fall snacking. 

Maple Leaf Candy

Have we mentioned how much we love Vermont maple syrup? 

Maple syrup makes an appearance on our list of naturally sweet treats for a reason: it’s one of nature’s best purely sweet, candy-like delicacies. So sometimes it's best to enjoy maple syrup as close to its pure form as possible. 

Maple leaf candies are mouthwatering pieces of treats made from fresh Vermont syrup. Our  pure maple candies are tender, melt in your mouth maple leaf pieces made from whipped Vermont maple syrup. Our  maple leaf candies have a beautiful amber color of pure Vermont maple syrup in more translucent sugared forms of happiness.

Either type of maple leaf candy is a sweet representation of Vermont’s love for maple syrup. 

Sweet Vermont Treats 

Our team at Cold Hollow is proud to offer you sweet Vermont treats that transport you to our home state. 

You can find many more Vermont baked goods and Vermont-made foods on our  online store. And if you have a favorite product, don’t forget to leave us a review! We’d love to know which treat best satisfies your sweet tooth.

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